National Flour Mills or mostly recognized as NFM LB is founded in 1988 in Tripoli, North of Lebanon under a Registration number 2905 of manufacturers, producers and importers of cereal flour, wheat, flakes, bakery and pastry raw materials.

Over the years National Flour Mills succeeded to stand up among its competitors and witnessed an enormous success that helped it make the optimum performance in the business (production and merchandising).

Through the policy of considering customers as partners, NFM has built solid bridges in handling clients’ services and being the expert reference for their business development.

Not only a mill occupation, NFM is seeking the vision of tying up between the privilege of heritage with the privilege of new age by respecting the society, the environment, the technology and the Human being. What concerns NFM is the MANKIND by offering him facilities and products to thrive for “A Better Life”.




Although flour is a non-perishable food, the manufacturer should treat quality control as a key factor for success.
Safety measures should be taken into consideration starting from the wheat receiving throughout the flour dispatch.
A comprehensive quality control (QC) is a three-step process:

  1. Analyzing the composition of the sample: WHAT is in the flour (quantitative analyses)
  2. Knowing: HOW the different components behave together. (resulting dough – flour and water - behaves during mixing and processing)
  3. Understanding: WHY dough behaves the way it does (functionality analyses).

NFM Bakery is a committed team of talented individuals that provide superior quality of most delicious and unique gourmet breads. They also work along with their customers for helping them develop and support their business.

NFM quality team constantly experiment with various grades of flour testing and comparing our products with competitors’ on one hand and customer needs on the other, providing a customized product to fit both budget/competition, and quality requirements of the customer. We also regularly maintain stocks of various grades of wheat to maintain consistent quality of various products.

The technical team works to ensure the high and consistent quality of the final products by analyzing the raw material (wheat) and the final product (flour),to develop the flour types to help the customers improving their products and to guarantee the well implementation of the ISO 22000:2005 system as well as the governmental regulations to produce flour fitting the Lebanese Norms.

1. Sales:

For any order preparation, be linked with our CS team at the following:
Telephone: +961 06 411 230-1
Email: info@nfm.com.lb

2. Distribution:

Lebanon: We cover all lebanese territories such as: Akkar, North, Jbeil, Beirut, South, Beqaa..
Worldwide: Syria, Jordan, Egypt and some others MEA countries.

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